What it s like to be a black girl by patricia smith

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Sep 08,  · Patricia Smith’s “What It’s Like to Be a Black Girl (for Those of You Who Aren’t) is about a woman who is describing the inherent conflict of self identity.

What It's Like To Be A Black Girl And Child Of The America's

A four-time individual champion on the National Poetry Slam and featured poet on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam, Patricia Smith found her voice at the heart of the Chicago slam poetry scene that took off in the s. Born and raised in Chicago in and widely known as a persona poet, Smith has said that.

In the poem “What it’s like to be a Black Girl” I believe in the mind of a young black girl is the fuel with racism and discrimination brought through race and gender, this young girl show the transitioning from a young black girl to an young black lady trying to accept her changing of her body.

An explanation in its purest form of “What it’s like to be a Black Girl (for those of you who aren’t)” by Patricia Smith, is just that, an explanation. From the first three syllables “First of all,” the author gives a sense of a story being told. She uses jagged sentence structure and.

John H. Griffin's Black Like Me Essay - John H. Griffin's Black Like Me is a very touching book. The book taught me that there are people out there that do care about to struggles that the blacks in America went through. The book is a real life experiences that the author John Griffin went through.

What it s like to be a black girl by patricia smith
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